Integrated farming

We grow our own Organic CBD


We ensure that no pesticides are used on our organic hemp, and we pay to have it tested several times a year to ensure only the highest quality products are in our tea.

The natural way to wellness

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We have periodic wellness-retreats.  Contact us for more information.

Safe. Effective. Natural.


The farm is 100% organic. 

We use energy-efficient and "green" farming methods.

renewable energy, green farming, energy efficient

We try to use energy-efficient  green techniques on our farm, re-using  and recycling what e can and minimizing our carbon footprint

Vertical integration

alpacas vertical integration, no gmo healthy no pesticide, natural, farm fresh

We only use natural fertilizer for our herbs.  Alpaca gold is the best on our farm!

No chemicals used in processing

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We believe in using time-tested methods and natural herbs to encourage the body to thrive and be healthy. Our approach to natural wellness starts on the farm