How we created Immune*it-Tea

Travel, R&D, Tenacity

30 years ago, on a surf safari in a remote region of Indonesia, our traveling companion got a life-threatening fever. There were no medical doctors available, but there were traditional healers. My grandmothers used herbal remedies,  and so I knew they can be just as, if not more effective than pharmaceutical remedies.   We were grateful for the opportunity to  learn about the ingredients that were effective in helping our friend recover quickly from his dangerous illness. We drank it too,  and found It tasted good and gave us energy to paddle out into powerful waves.  

When we got home, we enhanced the tea with some of the ingredients my great-grandmothers used traditionally, and we gave it to friends when they got sick. Pretty soon, more and more people were asking us for it, because it works so well and tastes so great!

One of the recipes  has vitamins and minerals to replenish alcohol-depleted nutrients, so those who like to party (like those crazy Australian Surfers we traveled with) can also  minimize damage to the body. The Milk Thistle, Hibiscus and Tamarind contribute to a healthy liver. The  "Wild Child Revitalizing Elixir"  is great for travelers & those on the go who know getting required vitamins is important.

It's simple to take these easily absorbed nutrients, and we specifically focused on vitamins that are depleted by alcohol consumption and stress.  Magnesium, Thiamin and Vitamin D deficiencies in particular are detrimental, so we fortified the anti-oxidant rich tea with these nutrients.

It's easy to get your 84mg of caffeine and vitamins every morning in a shot of Wild Child Revitalizing Elixir  poured into a class of hot water or cold sparking water! The Stick-Packs are awesome, individual servings for those on the go.

Immune*it-Tea is a tasty way to keep the system strong, and to kick it into gear to get going in the morning.

 Our slow-release ground green tea leaves you calm and focused for hours. They have up to 80% more anti-oxidants, fat-burning agents and caffeine than steeped tea.

Our caffeine-free CBD version is great for so many conditions -- studies show it helps with seizure control, depression and anxiety, provides chronic pain relief and may help reduce the symptoms of mental illness. While it is awesome any time of day, it is the best choice in the evening because it doesn't have caffeine. It also makes a good mixer, as Grandma used to say: "For medicinal purposes!"  This recipe also has a larger dose of Elderberries -- which help reverse plaque in the arteries, and speeds recovery time for colds and flu.

We use only the finest quality ingredients, not a bunch of cheap chemicals. 

Each formula has many components, which may include Island-grown vanilla, Ceylon Cinnamon Bark, Organic berries,  lemons, Organic honey, agave, Organic Ground Green tea and guava tree leaves. The result is an amazing beverage.  

Immune-it-Tea is safe and natural. You can drink it every day, hot or cold. You can freeze it in popsicles, which are wonderful for sore throats.  It's perfect for a juice-fast or cleanse. 

Immune-it tea is essential to have on hand when you can't afford to miss a day of work or when you don't want to miss a big opportunity. Immune-it-Tea is the ammunition you need to handle the important things.