Awesome Mixers

CBD cocktails / Mocktails


Tasty and effective.

Boost Your Smoothie


Add a shot to boost your immune system and make your smoothie burst with flavor

Enhances any beverage


Share your favorite recipes.  Send us a photo of your cocktail using Immune*it-Tea, and the recipe.  If we post it, you will receive a free bottle!

Classy amenity the top Spas provide guests


Immune*ti-Tea Wellness Elixirs are effective for those in recovery, and for those who need a little rejuvenation and TLC

Great as a hot toddy


Just what the doctor ordered, Immune*it-tea and whiskey for those cold winter evenings.

Makes an excellent mixer


For those with sophisticated tastes. Our rich blend of juice and beneficial herbs is  a fabulous mixer with fine spirits.  A great way to unwind and get a god night's sleep.