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Healthy antioxidants from Elderberry

A few words about Elderberries. There is a full serving in all of our anti-oxidant teas:

A study done on elderberry syrup concluded that patients

who were given oral elderberry syrup within 48 hours

showing symptoms of Influenza A and B infections

recovered an average of 4 days faster and their use of rescue

medication was significantly less compared to those who

received the placebo.

Another study looked at the effects of elderberry on the

common cold in patients who had recently traveled by air. Those who took elderberry experienced an average of a 2-day shorter duration of their cold as well as experiencing fewer and milder symptoms than those who did not take elderberry.


This study found that flavonoids from the elderberry

bind to the H1N1 flu virus and block the ability of the

viruses to infect host cells.

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Enjoy yourself. Protect your health. Drink Immune-it-tea.

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Immune-it-Tea. We Donate a Portion of our Proceeds

The Best Quality, Most effective CBD


We use Water-Soluable CBD Isolate, which means you absorb 90% more of the effective ingredients. With many CBD products, you can't be sure how much CBD, if any, you are really getting. The CBD in Immune-it-Tea has been tested at Pro Verde Lab in Quincy, MA and certified for authenticity. Our Organic Raw Hemp has been tested by the State of Oregon and has no registered pesticides, and tested at an 18% CBD content rate, and less than .03 THC which is virtual non-detectible. We also use organic ground hemp seed, which has Omega 3 and is one of the few plants with complete amino acids/Complete protein. CBD has been helpful for those suffering from Multiple Sclerosis (MS) which is an autoimmune disease characterized by chronic inflammation of the myelin sheath that encloses nerves in the brain and spinal column. When this tissue becomes inflamed for long periods of time, it causes irreversible tissue damage that inhibits the ability of the nerves to communicate with the body through the central nervous system. The result of this damage is chronic pain, loss of motor control, fatigue, and muscle spasticity and weakness. Over the last several years, extensive research has been performed to study the effects of cannabioids on the symptoms associated with MS. The results have been astounding. Cannabinoids found in the compounds including psychoactive THC (which we do not put in our products at this time) and non-psychoactive CBD have proven to reconstruct the natural process our body performs through naturally occurring endocannabinoids. In autoimmune patients such as those with MS, the body does not adequately produce these endocannabinoids due to the immune system attacking the DNA of the individual. This attack causes a breakdown in normal body processes, resulting in a nervous system that cannot function properly. The compounds found in cannabis connect to the cannabinoid receptors and pain receptors in the body and act as a stand-in to promote this healing process. The results are remarkable and lead to a much better quality of life for those suffering from this disease. Here's a closer look at how CBD can help: Reduces Muscle Spasticity THC and CBD are proven to dramatically reduce uncontrollable muscle spasms including the spasms that cause the frequent urge to urinate. Israel’s Tel Aviv University conducted a research study in which they infected mice with the condition that mimics MS. When they injected the mice with CBD, the mice were able to walk again. Before the CBD, the legs of the infected mice were crippled by stiffness and tightness. The mice treated with CBD also showed a significant decrease in nerve damage and overall inflammation. Another study performed at The University of Plymouth in 2012 found cannabis to be twice as effective at providing relief of muscle pain and spasms than a placebo. After 12 weeks of using cannabis, patients reported a much higher reduction in spasticity than those who received a placebo. Eases Nerve Pain: Cannabis helps ease a lot of the nerve pain associated with MS. Cannabinoids are a powerful analgesic that engages pain receptors in the body, significantly reducing chronic pain. This chronic pain is caused by inflammation of nerve tissue, which leads to pain signals being sent throughout the body. Just as having something pressing on a nerve in one’s back can cause pain to travel down their leg, often, a patient will feel a large amount of pain in an unaffected area of the body due to damaged nerves signals traveling to the area. By reducing the inflammation on the nerves, patients find much-needed relief from this pain. Reduces Inflammation The common thread to the majority of symptoms of MS is the effect chronic inflammation has on the body. This inflammation is the number one culprit of much of what ails MS patients. Cannabinoids found in cannabis are very potent anti-inflammatories. THC and CBD compounds derived from cannabis deactivate this immune response that leads to chronic inflammation and stops the attack on the central nervous system. The compounds are also powerful antioxidants which contain neuroprotective properties. This capability protects the cells, tissues, and DNA from damage. When unprotected, the tissues become inflamed and irritated which leads to deterioration. This decline sends pain signals through the nerves throughout the body leading to intense pain. The cannabinoids found in these compounds helps prevent this and promote neurogenesis, or the creation of new brain cells. Aids Digestion MS patients commonly have severe gastrointestinal issues like constipation, uncontrolled bowels, and difficulty with digestion. Cannabis can help with all sorts of issues in the body at the same time. 70% of immune cells are found in the gut, and cannabinoids engage these immune cells and quiet the inflammation in the bowels. Certain cannabis varieties act as an appetite stimulant, helping those who have difficulty maintaining a healthy weight due to digestion issues. Cannabinoids trigger the release of natural hunger hormones which in turn triggers a healthy metabolism. Cannabis writer Anna Wilcox compares this process to a traffic police officer: They direct the flow of hormones and chemicals that communicate with the body’s systems like a traffic cop to keep chemicals and hormones flowing properly. CBD also Acts as a Sleep Aid. Most MS patients have difficulties sleeping. Uncontrollable pain and spasticity in the muscles make it tough for individuals to fall asleep and stay asleep through the night. Cannabinoid strains high in the terpene myrcene and the cannabinoid CBN)put the body to rest allowing patients to fall asleep faster, sleep through the night, and to achieve extended periods of deep sleep. This is especially important as the body repairs itself, rebuilds bones, and repairs the immune system during this phase of sleep. A GW Pharma study in 2000 showed patients who used cannabinoids experienced less pain and reported better sleeping patterns than those who did not. Improves Vision: You have cannabinoid receptors throughout your entire body, skin, connective tissues, organs, brain, and the eyes. Many MS patients experience blurred vision or the complete loss of vision. This issue is a result of inflammation of the optic nerve. The anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis reduce this inflammation, leading to clearer vision. This property is the same principle used in treating patients with glaucoma and retinal degeneration with cannabis. Alleviates Depression : One of the most troublesome symptoms for MS patients is chronic depression. The ongoing pain and debilitating effects MS has on the body leads to a low quality of life for many people, leading them into a deep depression. This is also caused by the inability of the body to produce naturally occurring endocannabinoids in the brain. Introducing the cannabinoids THC and CBD to the system compensates for this, lifting spirits and reducing the painful effects of MS that lead to depression. Researchers have learned a lot about MS through their research involving cannabis. It has helped them to understand how our body communicates and the role endocannabinoids play in keeping our body’s systems communicating properly with one another. When there is a breakdown in communication in one area, it has a domino effect on the rest of the systems of the body. By inserting these missing pieces to the puzzle, we slow down the autoimmune reaction, stop inflammation, improve muscular control, and reduce or eliminate the side effects of MS.

our Best Selling product


4-PACK : POWER-PACKED POWDER PACK. Wild Child Revitalizer. Mitigate the Damage of Alcohol and Stress in your body. Each pouch has a tea Bag of our Freeze Dried Anti-oxidant blend of herbs and Juice & 20 mg CBD. Pour the powder into a cup, Stir in warm water to dissolve, then add the MANUKA & Organic Raw HONEY Blend Pack (included) and 16-24 ounces of Water. Good to Go. We also have a powder pack with high Concentration of CBD (60 mg) pouch: Sencha and Cinnamon. Great for those who've already had a shot of anti-oxidants, but need more CBD

4 pack  of our supercharged Powder-Packed Powder-pack. Energize without the jitters.  

 Each  powder pack has the antioxidants of our regular Organic CBD-infused brew, and 20 mg of CBD in a freeze dried, easy to travel formula.  Each Anti-Oxidant Blend has a full serving of Elderberries, Hibiscus, Matcha or Sencha Tea, Moringa, Guava Leaf, Pineapple, Tart & Sweet Cherry Juice, Lemon, Ginger, Ceylon Cinnamon and other helpful herbs.

The Powder Packets Come in: 

*Decaf-Sencha Anti-oxidant blend with 20 mg CBD,  $20/4

 *Decaf Sencha Anti-oxidant blend with Detox vitamins and 20 mg CBD $24/4

*Decaf Sencha with cinnamon and 60 mg CBD $25/4

 (For those who know they need large doses of CBD or who want to make a quart to sip on all day and micro dose that way.)


( mix  a little bit it in food or water)

*Matcha Anti-oxidant Blend WITHOUT CBD $12/4

 * Wild Child Revitalizing Elixir w/ 84mg caffeine & 20 mg of CBD.  (Plus B-vitamins, D-3/K2, Magnesium, Milk Thistle, Turmeric & Pepper ) $24/4



The powder packs are a great choice for those who recognize the importance daily immune boosts.  Easy to grab and go. Just add water and Honey (included) Manuka Honey is among the most effective anti-biotic there is, and does not lead to anti-biotic resistance.

Studies have shown that travelers who drink elderberries and some of the other ingredients in this tea for 10 days prior to travel and 5 days immediately experience significantly fewer viruses associated with travel. If you spend all that money on a trip, why take a chance that the person on the plane next to you is sick and could ruin  it.  Consider it travel insurance.

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The Cold Comfort Kit has 2 bottles  of each variety of Immune*it-Tea, plus a mix-pack 6 pack of stick packs concentrate , and 2 powder packs with Manuka Honey Blend to chase colds and flu away.  

Studies have shown the ingredients in our tea significantly speeds recovery of colds and flu.  An ideal regime  is to have some Wild Child Revitalizing Elixir first thing in the morning, a serving or two of Calm Energy Brew during the day, then a warm cup of CBD-Infused Wellness Brew, to help with a good night's sleep. 

it's smart to keep a Cold Comfort Kit on hand -- just in case so you can act fast when colds and flu circulate. 

The Cold Comfort Kit is perfect to send to your kids who are far away -- in college, away in the Military, with their other parent, or all grown up and taking care of their own sick kids!

Sending a Cold Care Kit is an effective, concrete action you can take that is genuinely helpful,  to show you really care. It's  the next best thing to being there! 

Your elderly parents will also feel loved and cared for when you send them this truly effective remedy. It's like sending your love in a bottle!

The Care Kit  makes a great gift when friends/family have loved ones in the hospital.  It's more thoughtful than flowers because it can support the immune-system so they don't get run down, and may help them stay well during difficult times.


Buy one for your loved ones far away.  We will ship it for you, and will include a special message from you.

Buy one for yourself to practice good self-care.

The Cold Comfort Kit is a wonderful way to try all 3 Teas so see just how good it is! 


Calm Energy Wellness Brew "Bar Bottle"


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Our Trademark Blend of Anti-Oxidant- Rich ingredients, Juices and Ground Green Matcha Tea for calm energy, immune-boost & overall wellness. Makes  a great cocktail mixer as well.




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This 6-Pack contains (2) 4 ounce bottles  of the Wild Child Revitalizing Elixir Concentrate & 2 bottles of Calm Energy Wellness Brew

 and (2) 4 ounce bottles  of our CBD-Infused Wellness Brew.

Start your day with a kick of Matcha Green Tea and kick back in the evening with our CBD-infused Sencha.  


Wild Child Revitalizing Elixir


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A 12 ounce bottle contains 8-12 servings of our specially blended recipe with 84mg of slow release caffeine. This tea is  full of anti-oxidants:  Elderberries, ginger, coconut water, Lemon, Anti-inflammatory ingredients like Turmeric , Cherry and Pineapple Juice,  Organic Honey and bio-available vitamins and minerals replenish those nutrients specifically depleted by stress and alcohol consumption. We have  also included ingredients especially to support liver function (Milk Thistle, Tamarind, Hibiscus.) It's great for colds and flu. For those travel, it's a easy way to  ensure you have the minerals you need on the go..


CBD-INfused Wellness Brew 6-Pack of 4 oz concentrate)


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Our Organic CBD - infused tea is perfect for unwinding in the evening.   Each serving contains 25mg of  Organic CBD, as well as the finest natural anti-oxidants and immune system support,  in a 40% juice/herb blend that includes Elderberries, Cherries, Tamarind, Lemon  and Pineapple Juice  with Organic honey, decaf Sencha ground green tea, hibiscus blossom powder, ginger, coconut water, guava leaf, moringa, Ceylon cinnamon and other ingredients selected for their traditionally proven  healing qualities.

 These ingredients may reduce pain and  inflammation, and provide other benefits associated with CBD, which has no psycho-active properties. A perfect drink to relax in the evening,

Studies have shown that travelers who drink anti-oxidant-rich beverages with elderberries 10 days before traveling and for 5 days after arriving at a destination suffer significantly fewer viruses than other travelers.  

The 4 oz  6-pack contains 12-24 servings of the concentrate. Great straight, mixed with hot water or sparkling water.  

Also makes a great cocktail mixer.


Immune*it-Tea is a Great Gift that says "I truly care." We will gift wrap any item and include a note. You can also sign a loved one (or yourself) up for automatic monthly delivery and receive 10% off


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We are Delighted to offer A Monk-fruit option instead of honey for those who need to keep a low glycemic index. Monk Fruit, "the Immortal Fruit," is a zero calorie, zero aftertaste sweetener, rich in anti-oxidants, cultivated by Monks who were known to have extreme Longevity


You can Specify the Monk-Fruit option

This Fruit "Lohan Guo,  was cultivated by Monks on the slopes of a primeval forest in the 13th century, and remains a delicacy.

THE BEST for your body!



Our family-owned organic farm uses NO pesticides to grow our sun-dried herbs.  Our Organic Hemp tested at 18% CBD.  We infuse the CBD extract into the finest natural ingredients from all over the world, Including Pure Vanilla, Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Bark Oil, Tamarind, Hibiscus, Moringa , Ginger,  Oregon Cherries, Pineapple, Meyers Lemon Juice and many more amazing ingredients, sweetened with Organic Honey..



Beneficial on so many levels.  Naturally does what Big Pharmaceutical Companies often charge hundred of dollars to do

Anti-Oxidants, Anti-Inflammatory, Empowerment for Your Immune System.

Ceylon Cinnamon, Turmeric, Ginger, Moringa, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, Green tea

Hibiscus rated the highest anti-oxidant of all teas. Polyphenols support artery elasticity. Milk thistle & Tamarind for Liver. Ginger boosts the Immune system. Ground green Tea has up to 80% more anti-oxidants, L-theanine and fat burning agents than steeped tea.  Full of Juice and Coconut Water

Water Soluble CBD means you absorb more, more effectively

cbd, water-soluble, certification, authentic, real medicine, health

Immune*it-Tea give you an edge!

surfer girl, Emi, healthy, dance beauty,

Immune*it-Tea ambassador, big-wave surfer Emi Erickson relies on our tea to keep a competitive edge in the huge waves. It helps her #danceallnight#surfallday

Enjoy yourself and take care of your health

health, tea, juice, ginger, elderberry, colds & flu, vitality, lemons, organic, honey love

Great natural defense against colds and flu. It makes a great cocktail mixer, too! For the health-conscious partier. 

What should I order?

I want to maintain optimal health


For those who want to ensure they get anti-oxidants daily, a shot of Calm Energy Wellness Brew is a great start. Alternating every other day with a shot of Wild Child ensures you get many ofthe vitamins you need as well as anti-oxidants and system support. Many people take a "Single-Serve Super Shot" Daily to ensure they are getting optimal support.

I feel a cold/flu coming on


Run, don't walk, to your stash of Immune-it-Tea.  If you are at work or backpacking, sitting on an airplane,  a powder pack its excellent instant ammunition. If you are at home, take a 4 oz bottle of Calm Energy Wellness Brew and our CBD infused tea out of the freezer, where the smart person keeps supplies on hand just in case!) FOR THE NEXT FEW DAYS,: Start your day with a shot or single serve of Calm Energy Wellness Brew, in the Afternoon, get a boost from Wild Child and take a shot or single Serve of CBD-infused tea in the evening.  You will avoid the full force of the bug or will get past the cold/flu noticeably faster and with fewer symptoms than those who don't. take Immune*it-Tea.

I have a specific condition


Any of our teas will help a wide range of conditions. The ingredients in The CBD Wild-Child Tea  has been helpful for those with heart conditions or neurological issues.  Many people have experienced positive results who have anxiety issues, seizure disorders. For those who want to mitigate the damage from drinking, the CBD-Infused Wild Child is the best solution.  The CBD~Infused Calm Energy Brew is great for those with anxiety and sleep disorders.    For those who have trouble sleeping the 60mg CBD powder Pack is better than Ambient, without the side effects.  Stick packs of Calm Energy and CBD infused teas  are great for kids with sore throats

I want to lose weight


Ground Green Matcha Tea has 84 mg caffeine per serving in our Wild-Child Revitalizing and Calm Energy Wellness Brew Teas. It is known to help burn fat.  Starting the day with Matcha boosts metabolism throughout the day.  You can also use our teas in combination to do a cleanse.

I want to boost my energy levels


Opt for the Wild Child Revitalizing Elixir, bottled and powder packs , and Calm Energy Brew to give you an extra boost during the day.  Each has 84 mg of Caffeine per serving, Wild Child has both the anti-oxidants and mood elevating vitamins you might be missing.

I am going on a trip


The Powder Packs are Perfect for travel, and the stick packs work well. (Both are TSA compliant for carry-ons)  Studies show that those who consume elderberries 10 days before a trip are less likely to get sick and to recover much more quickly if they are exposed to a bug than those who don't.  You can also take the small bottles (A mix pack of each will last one person a week or two as long as it's kept refrigerated.)


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We are happy to offer Luohan Guo - "Monk fruit" As a low calorie option. great for Diabetics, Anti-Oxidant Sweetener those trying to lose weight will Appreciate


The Honey we use in our recipes has healing properties, but for those with Diabetes, or who are trying to lose weight and are counting every calorie, we now have a LAKANTO "monk fruit" (Lohan Guo is Known as the "immortal fruit " for the ability to raise the chi . This sweetening option has Zero Calories and Zero after-taste.

Order the "Monk Fruit Blend" for any of our Teas